Nature Tried To Give Me A Concussion and The Thing That Happened To My Tea Kettle

Hi! Remember me? I don’t recall when I posted last because I’ve been binge watching The Boys, Travels With My Father, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and New Girl. Oh, and busy reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. A definite must read! And I’ve been feeling a little bleh. Long story short, I haven’t felt like […]

This Little Light of Mine

I LOATHE winter. I admit, there is a beauty to it. But I’d enjoy it more if I could spend it laying on a human sized heating rock- as one of my exes suggested years ago. He was not wrong. I miss his humor- he was always good at making me laugh. I don’t hate […]

Give a Man $50 and He Will Buy 18 Bottles of Ketchup

Dad had me order 18 bottles of ketchup from Amazon. Yes, EIGHTEEN BOTTLES OF KETCHUP and no clue where we’re going to store them when they come in. I vote for his bedroom because I doubt my father will follow The Home Edit/Marie Kondo’s rules of purging/editing things from his house. …if you’ve seen the […]

My Boobs Are Probably the Real Culprit

Who loves hot tea in the morning, has a ton of houseplants, is working from home, and managed to screw her back up simply by placing shampoo on the bathtub ledge?! Yeah. Sigh. That happened but don’t feel sorry for me. I popped some ibuprofen and have been icing ye old back. And as I […]

I Was Assaulted By A Visor

Friday evening before sunset: Time for the family scenic drive out into the country where I listen to my son and father complain about the improper grating of the gravel roads as I enjoy the view of the vast open spaces. The three of us got into the truck- The Teenager was in charge of […]

Why is Hannibal Lecter Such a Big Fan of Fava Beans?

I have a burning question that has haunted me for days: How did the nickname Chuck come from Charles?! Did someone know a Charles centuries ag0 (did they have nicknames that far back?!) and he looked like a woodchuck so they started calling him Chuck; thus, creating a trend where all Charles are called Chuck?! […]

Now That’s Small Town Customer Service

I was originally going to post this last night but started getting tired. Then this morning, Josh messaged me and I had to share that blip of conversation. BUT I’M ALLOWED TO FUCK UP MY POST TIMELINE! All that matters is you get a story. Yesterday morning started out on a high note. Plenty of […]

I Could Have Been An Actress With This Much Dramatic Flair

Welcome to my before 8am Saturday morning. …I hate when he makes a valid point. More posts to come.

Home is Where You Set Trash On the Counter

UGHHHHHH! We are currently having technical difficulties, probably because Dad is trying to talk to me from the couch as I sit on my bed. And I can’t seem to get this post set up quite right. I had a rough (mental) outline- start with how I used to, and still sometimes do, struggle with […]

Growth Is Uncomfortable: Nature, Removing Emotional Corsets, and Tree Hugging

I’ve been spending a lot of time in our seven acre backyard lately- watching the baby fish swim in the shallows of the water. Listening to the birds, frogs, and insects make all the noises they make. When you stop and pay attention, you realize how busy nature is. I don’t think any of them […]