This is Why I Shop Local

I know, I know. I STILL haven’t written about the dryer saga BUT I PROMISE IT WILL HAPPEN! My friend, Lauren, suggested I go to World Wide Cactus for plants a while back. Lauren is wise and knows me well because that plant shop is magical. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Anyways, I saw […]

A Little Cup of Gratitude This Morning

I had planned to write about the current COVID dryer saga unfolding but yet not unfolding here at home, but the amount of caffeine I’ve had today has prompted me to get a little bit deeper than warm, dry clothes. Though I do love warm, dry clothes on a brisk day. This morning was wonderful! […]

Morning Musings: 9/6/2020

What an unforeseen heavy morning. I woke up feeling great on this most beautiful Lazy Sunday- no headache like yesterday and no overwhelming sense of loneliness that I had carried with me through the week. I checked social media like I do each morning, drinking a hot cup of tea, and started messaging one of […]

Boujee Hotel Pillows Are The Best

Last year, before the times of Corona where people spent time together and traveled without fear of pestilence, my friend, Nurse Drew, whisked me off to Boston in his shiny new Subaru. Most of you already know about that trip because I bring it up whenever I have a chance. But it’s not my fault- […]

My Boobs Are Probably the Real Culprit

Who loves hot tea in the morning, has a ton of houseplants, is working from home, and managed to screw her back up simply by placing shampoo on the bathtub ledge?! Yeah. Sigh. That happened but don’t feel sorry for me. I popped some ibuprofen and have been icing ye old back. And as I […]

Fill Your Holes

This evening, I’ve been thinking about what holes I have been trying to fill these past few months. Sure, it’s nice to have fun stuff. Things that make your space feel beautiful, feel like “you” (…that’s a whole other blog post I will probably never delve into because it’s a very deep rabbit hole. And […]

I Was Assaulted By A Visor

Friday evening before sunset: Time for the family scenic drive out into the country where I listen to my son and father complain about the improper grating of the gravel roads as I enjoy the view of the vast open spaces. The three of us got into the truck- The Teenager was in charge of […]

Dueling Cantaloupe

Welcome to another mish mash post where I don’t have anything super specific to write about but I’m going to ramble on about bits and pieces of my week. But that’s what you come here for, right? Here are some topics we will cover…and probably a few others because I always go rogue (in no […]

Why is Hannibal Lecter Such a Big Fan of Fava Beans?

I have a burning question that has haunted me for days: How did the nickname Chuck come from Charles?! Did someone know a Charles centuries ag0 (did they have nicknames that far back?!) and he looked like a woodchuck so they started calling him Chuck; thus, creating a trend where all Charles are called Chuck?! […]

Grateful Heathen Willing To Do The Dishes

My boy is home for the weekend and I am happy; however, picking him up felt like I was playing a round of real life Mario Kart. It began with a low tire. Then avoiding road work. And a detour due to a wreck on 254. Thankfully, I was only 20 minutes late. …but I […]