Election Hangover

There is something disgusting on my computer screen and I’m not entirely sure what it is. My spirit feels that way- covered in gross, frustration, sadness. It’s been a week, friends. This election has worn me out mentally. I’m back to popping Dt. Dr. Peppers and buying a stuffed baby Yoda to comfort me. I’m […]

Nature Tried To Give Me A Concussion and The Thing That Happened To My Tea Kettle

Hi! Remember me? I don’t recall when I posted last because I’ve been binge watching The Boys, Travels With My Father, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, and New Girl. Oh, and busy reading Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. A definite must read! And I’ve been feeling a little bleh. Long story short, I haven’t felt like […]

Erlene, The Bold Jumping Spider Who is Terrified of Grasshoppers

Most of you know how this story goes, thanks to my obsessive posting both here and on the social meeds; however, I feel like this teeny creature deserves a post all her own. I once said the only way I’d end up with a pet is if it somehow adopted me. I am not a […]

The Trash Panda King (and Other Tales)

The Teenager came home last night from his nightly biking rounds, opened my door, and laid an offering of river shells before me. They were big and beautiful even without a good soak and scrub. …I love that he brings shells home for me because he knows they’re one of my favorite things. The child […]

This Little Light of Mine

I LOATHE winter. I admit, there is a beauty to it. But I’d enjoy it more if I could spend it laying on a human sized heating rock- as one of my exes suggested years ago. He was not wrong. I miss his humor- he was always good at making me laugh. I don’t hate […]

Let’s Talk About the Dryer

“Want to see how much a new front door will cost?”, Dad asked, as he handed me a piece of paper. “…we don’t even have the new dryer yet!” I replied. But I had to admit, the door on the paper I was looking at was pretty classy for this joint. Three months ago, our […]

Give a Man $50 and He Will Buy 18 Bottles of Ketchup

Dad had me order 18 bottles of ketchup from Amazon. Yes, EIGHTEEN BOTTLES OF KETCHUP and no clue where we’re going to store them when they come in. I vote for his bedroom because I doubt my father will follow The Home Edit/Marie Kondo’s rules of purging/editing things from his house. …if you’ve seen the […]

This is Why I Shop Local

I know, I know. I STILL haven’t written about the dryer saga BUT I PROMISE IT WILL HAPPEN! My friend, Lauren, suggested I go to World Wide Cactus for plants a while back. Lauren is wise and knows me well because that plant shop is magical. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Anyways, I saw […]

A Little Cup of Gratitude This Morning

I had planned to write about the current COVID dryer saga unfolding but yet not unfolding here at home, but the amount of caffeine I’ve had today has prompted me to get a little bit deeper than warm, dry clothes. Though I do love warm, dry clothes on a brisk day. This morning was wonderful! […]

Morning Musings: 9/6/2020

What an unforeseen heavy morning. I woke up feeling great on this most beautiful Lazy Sunday- no headache like yesterday and no overwhelming sense of loneliness that I had carried with me through the week. I checked social media like I do each morning, drinking a hot cup of tea, and started messaging one of […]