This Little Light of Mine

I LOATHE winter. I admit, there is a beauty to it. But I’d enjoy it more if I could spend it laying on a human sized heating rock- as one of my exes suggested years ago. He was not wrong. I miss his humor- he was always good at making me laugh. I don’t hate […]

Boujee Hotel Pillows Are The Best

Last year, before the times of Corona where people spent time together and traveled without fear of pestilence, my friend, Nurse Drew, whisked me off to Boston in his shiny new Subaru. Most of you already know about that trip because I bring it up whenever I have a chance. But it’s not my fault- […]

Fill Your Holes

This evening, I’ve been thinking about what holes I have been trying to fill these past few months. Sure, it’s nice to have fun stuff. Things that make your space feel beautiful, feel like “you” (…that’s a whole other blog post I will probably never delve into because it’s a very deep rabbit hole. And […]

Dueling Cantaloupe

Welcome to another mish mash post where I don’t have anything super specific to write about but I’m going to ramble on about bits and pieces of my week. But that’s what you come here for, right? Here are some topics we will cover…and probably a few others because I always go rogue (in no […]

Love, Antidepressants, and Loafing

I had this great idea for a blog last night as I was drifting off to sleep. As I lay there, I was thinking about how I should text myself so I wouldn’t forget. But it was so good that I had faith I’d remember. …I should have went with my initial reaction. So instead, […]

It’s Best to Seize the Day After 1PM

I had a plan for this morning- forego my usual routine: tea, medicine, food, and lounging for a few hours to instead get dressed, coat my arms and legs in insect repellent and drive away to walk the Lehigh Portland Trails while the weather was still nice. …do you spot the numerous problems with my […]

Hey There, Stranger

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not even sure where to start, to be quite honest- so I’ll start with I haven’t been great lately. I haven’t wanted to write. Knit. Take pictures. See much of anyone. Go anywhere. Or partake in actual verbal conversations, though the ones I’ve engaged in lately have managed […]


If you are easily offended or of a delicate nature, abort reading this post immediately. This requires an incredibly odd sense of humor and a fair helping of morbid curiosity. So what I’m saying is Mom, if you’re still reading this, it’s on you- my hands are clean. I thought I was going to have […]

Now That’s Small Town Customer Service

I was originally going to post this last night but started getting tired. Then this morning, Josh messaged me and I had to share that blip of conversation. BUT I’M ALLOWED TO FUCK UP MY POST TIMELINE! All that matters is you get a story. Yesterday morning started out on a high note. Plenty of […]

Mama Bear Wears the Pants

In case you were wondering, the full moon cycle is about to start and it’ll reach its peak at 5:45am CT on May 7th. Thank you, Moon Phase app. What does that mean? Charge your crystals in the moonlight in order to clean them from all the energetic gunk they’ve been absorbing and be prepared […]