Great Clips Massacre

Just when I was beginning to wonder what I was going to post (material has been lacking), the universe dropped this little gem into my lap. The plan for this afternoon was simple: Pick my son up. Take him to get a hair cut at Great Clips. Procure fast food. Grab a few things from […]


What is Booksgiving? It’s a Jenny Lawson holiday. She’s kind of a HUGE deal to me, seeings how she’s my favorite author/blogger AND I WOULD PROBABLY MAKE IT INCREDIBLY AWKWARD IF I EVER MET HER! I’d want to be best friends but because I’d make it weird thanks to fan girling so hard, she’d possibly […]

This Post Is Probably Going To Make Me Late To Drop Off My Kid

I’m in a weird place right now. I mean, there are some great things happening behind the scenes. Very excited about them! But my trip last weekend left me with some big questions. It was a fun trip. However, anytime my friend, Drew, is involved, there are always lots of laughs, along with great decisions. […]