Erlene, The Bold Jumping Spider Who is Terrified of Grasshoppers

Most of you know how this story goes, thanks to my obsessive posting both here and on the social meeds; however, I feel like this teeny creature deserves a post all her own. I once said the only way I’d end up with a pet is if it somehow adopted me. I am not a […]

Let’s Talk About the Dryer

“Want to see how much a new front door will cost?”, Dad asked, as he handed me a piece of paper. “…we don’t even have the new dryer yet!” I replied. But I had to admit, the door on the paper I was looking at was pretty classy for this joint. Three months ago, our […]

Give a Man $50 and He Will Buy 18 Bottles of Ketchup

Dad had me order 18 bottles of ketchup from Amazon. Yes, EIGHTEEN BOTTLES OF KETCHUP and no clue where we’re going to store them when they come in. I vote for his bedroom because I doubt my father will follow The Home Edit/Marie Kondo’s rules of purging/editing things from his house. …if you’ve seen the […]

Best Friends Are The Best Medicine

What do you do when you’re a sad mama bear and you find yourself a single lady again conveniently the week you’re on vacation? You drive two hours to spend a few days with one of your best friends (we’ve both been limiting our contact with people and working from home). And you realize visiting […]

Hey There, Stranger

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not even sure where to start, to be quite honest- so I’ll start with I haven’t been great lately. I haven’t wanted to write. Knit. Take pictures. See much of anyone. Go anywhere. Or partake in actual verbal conversations, though the ones I’ve engaged in lately have managed […]

Now That’s Small Town Customer Service

I was originally going to post this last night but started getting tired. Then this morning, Josh messaged me and I had to share that blip of conversation. BUT I’M ALLOWED TO FUCK UP MY POST TIMELINE! All that matters is you get a story. Yesterday morning started out on a high note. Plenty of […]

I Could Have Been An Actress With This Much Dramatic Flair

Welcome to my before 8am Saturday morning. …I hate when he makes a valid point. More posts to come.

Home is Where You Set Trash On the Counter

UGHHHHHH! We are currently having technical difficulties, probably because Dad is trying to talk to me from the couch as I sit on my bed. And I can’t seem to get this post set up quite right. I had a rough (mental) outline- start with how I used to, and still sometimes do, struggle with […]

Mama Bear Wears the Pants

In case you were wondering, the full moon cycle is about to start and it’ll reach its peak at 5:45am CT on May 7th. Thank you, Moon Phase app. What does that mean? Charge your crystals in the moonlight in order to clean them from all the energetic gunk they’ve been absorbing and be prepared […]

Corona Crossing, Self Medicating With Caffeine, and Now We Have a Mailbox Big Enough To Hold a Baby (Maybe Two)

Please do not deposit any unwanted babies into our mailbox. There’s a reason I opted for a hysterectomy almost five years ago and have yet to regret it. I was working this morning from my bed, as I currently do M-F. I could hear Dad tromping in from the great outdoors, stop at the area […]