Realistic Dating Expectations For Those With Mental lllness

Disclaimer: I am not a professional of any kind- this is only food for thought because I feel I need to shout my opinions into the internet like everyone else. All I am offering is a different perspective and to maybe help you kill a few moments of your time. Relationship advice is everywhere. I […]

Do Extroverts Haunt People When They Die?

I have one existential crisis a week (roughly). With the pandemic raging around us, I’m currently averaging two. I like to think I’m handling my fragile mortality pretty well, all things considered. Do you know the best way to clear a group chat? Tell your family when you die that you want them to cut […]


Winter had to get one last hoorah in before Spring sits on the throne. What a fucking dick! We’ve had great weather here lately. Sure, it’s kind of windy, but it’s Kansas. I’ll take a windy 70 degree day anytime. As you are well aware (if you religiously read my blog), I love plants. They’re […]

It’s Always Fun To Smite The Ones We Love

…I just found the most beautiful thing. THE BLOGGESS IS SELLING PILLOWCASES WITH HER TAXIDERMY RACCOON ON IT! You can click here to see for yourself. I enjoy trash pandas. I think they’re absolutely fucking adorable. You know who hates them with a passion? My gentleman caller. It has something to do with an “alleged” […]

Saffron Is More Expensive Than Cocaine

Or at least it was back in 2018. Last week, my traveling nurse friend, Drew (the one I spent a weekend in KC with a while back), texted me a picture of the beef stroganoff he had made for dinner. Which launched into a conversation about cooking in general. And how Drew has never fed […]

Struggling To Embrace The Unknown

Fudge grahams are probably the best thing in the entire world. I love them a little too much. Wrapped up my first week working from home- not exactly what I thought it would be. In fact, this has probably been the worst week I’ve ever had at my current job. It certainly ended on a […]

Click Here For Softcore/Amateur Plant Porn

…it’s been a week. AND WE’RE ONLY ON TUESDAY! I would like to take a break from my faltering mental health (last night was spent crying not only in my car on a social distancing approved drive but also in the bathtub), stressful work week, and pandemic to share one of my favorite things with […]

It’s A Weird Time To Be Alive

Not just because my son bled all over a sink and I flushed a sock down the toilet this week (update: TOTALLY DIDN’T CLOG!) Things are getting serious. All the K-12 schools in Kansas have closed for the year. My department started working from home yesterday- I think I managed to be more productive from […]

I Just Watched My Sock Get Flushed Down The Toilet

I can’t even be mad because it was hilarious- I may not find it funny later if I get a call from my kid saying the toilet is clogged. But the sock is long, thin, and stretchy. I have faith it’ll slither through the pipes just fine. More posts to come!

Great Clips Massacre

Just when I was beginning to wonder what I was going to post (material has been lacking), the universe dropped this little gem into my lap. The plan for this afternoon was simple: Pick my son up. Take him to get a hair cut at Great Clips. Procure fast food. Grab a few things from […]