You Want To Know What I’ve Been Doing?


How are you guys?! It’s so good to be back.

The bean fields are being harvested (which is fun to watch!). A flock of twenty plus turkey hens are coming up to our yard to eat the food Trevor scattered for them say hi. He and I decided it would be a good idea to feed the birbs and create a crow army. I have a new to me computer to use (thanks to some very generous friends!) since The Teenager needed our laptop for school.

We adopted a spider with special needs. Squirrely Dan. He’s a tan jumper missing his front two legs on his right side. His permanent enclosure should come this week- I can’t wait to get it all cozy for him.

And then there were sheep. About a month ago, we woke up to our neighbors’ flock south of the house. On a lazy Sunday. They, sadly, did not want pets when I was very willing to hand some out.

Deer hunters have arrived, so I am wearing my robe and/or pants now because I do not give free shows. Our house has a lot of windows, which I love. But we also don’t have blinds or curtains quite yet…which I also love for the most part because I am a creature of light.

The Teenager, who would be happiest living in total darkness, has decided he’d like to finish his high school career online. His grades are better. And he is able to work whatever hours he needs to. Seems like a win-win.

Trevor and I had a great time last weekend with our friends who live to the east of us. Lots of animals to pet. Four wheelers to ride. Historical wells and land to appreciate. And a most delicious supper where I learned cooking rice on the stove isn’t as hard as I thought it was.

…but I also learned you can make rice in an Instapot. Which I do happen to own! I’m sure I’ll let you know if it turns out to be rice or if it turns out to be mush.

There’s just something about having friends who also live out in the country. An understanding about how different it is than living in town. Feeling connected to the place you live, but also the rhythms and cycles that come with it.

Lauren and I finally went and got our piercings (she chose an industrial and I went with a daith). Both of us are ready to go back for morenot soley because the piercer went to school for botany and I geeked out super hard listening to him talk about all the mushrooms he has found on his land.

Oh! I ALSO HAD DINNER WITH MY NEPHEW LAST WEEK! I love that kid. I swear. He’s so much fun and I appreciated his patience with me when I was asking him roughly 20,000 questions about disc golf.

Because that’s his thing now. I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS SO COMPLICATED! I told him I wouldn’t mind trying it out…and I mentioned that I’m sure I will be terrible. But I enjoy trying new things. And I love spending time with him.

Speaking of people I love, Mama Bear had a birthday last week. Eventually, we are going to go to Lindsborg to celebrate (are we lunching there/grabbing to go or do you want me to make you Swedish meatballs again?). It’s become tradition for the two of us to go the month of her birthday.

Life with Trevor living here is great. I’m learning a lot about myself- specifically ways I can grow as a human because Trevor is wonderful and deserves the best partner, too. He’s brought me pumpkin pie for breakfast two mornings in a row. Plus a can of my beloved Dt. Dr. Pepper.

Not to mention he’s taken my son on historical outings. And picked him up today because I didn’t feel great (I KNEW THAT SUBWAY I WENT TO SEEMED SANITARILY SKETCHY).

…everyone deserves a Trevor. And each Trevor should be loved just as much in return.

How am I so lucky? No clue. But I am guessing it’s because I have a lot of great people in my life who have helped show me what love can be. What it should be.

And of course, there are all of the people who teach and inspire me daily with their ideas, compassion, love, and pretty much overall existence.

…so if you’re reading this and I know you in the real world (or if I follow you on IG because there are lots of great humans there, too), I’m talking about you. Thank you for allowing me to know you. Thank you for helping me grow.

More posts to come (I promise! I have 24/7 access to a computer again).

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