No Extra Charge For Country TV

Oh, friends.

It’s nice to be back. We’ve had a couple of unexpected changes lately. But now that a “new normal” is in the making, I am slowly making time, once again, for the things I love.

Like writing blog posts to clog the great internet void.

Therapy for me. Entertainment for you.

What have you missed these past few weeks?!

“Jeff Goldblum Ponders” Courtesy of Pop Sugar

The Teenager is now taking classes online and his grades have improved vastly. Trevor put a loose notice in at his place of employment, only to be let go the next business day.

So he’s spending his time here now.

As is Floof, his older, bossy corgi loaf who seems to be enjoying her life as a farm dog. Thus far, the barn seems to be her favorite place to relax. Perhaps it’s the smell of the turkey vultures roosting inside that does it for her.

We explored the barn together a few days ago. I found barn owl feathers. AND AN OWL PELLET! Which will go to my tiny nephew in Colorado.

I’m not sure what Floof would tell you she found. Perhaps some type of olfactory paradise?!

Let’s see…

There can never be enough Goldblum

OH! I ate it on the stairs three weeks ago and still have a bruise on my butt. There for a while, it looked like I was sporting a rather large hematoma.

Thankfully, neither cheek landed on the carpet tacks on said stairs.

…I can’t even imagine how much worse that would have felt.

When I haven’t been sliding down stairs, Trevor and I watch all the animals here at the farm (Country TV, as he calls it).

Yesterday, there were two tom turkeys strutting around the front yard. Trevor managed to get one of them to talk to him.


It never ceases to amuse me that my partner, a Small Town, Kansas born vegetarian, talks to turkeys.

My kind of man.

THEN THERE WAS THE HUMMINGBIRD THAT FLEW UP TO ME TWICE ABOUT A MONTH AGO!!! It was one of THE best moments of my life. I felt like a Disney Princess.

…even though none of the animals offered to help clean house. Can’t say I blame them.

Sooooooooooooooo therapy.

Last session has given me a lot to think about. She made the comment that what she’ll have to say this upcoming session is probably going to piss me off.

Like I may cancel my following appointment with her because I will hate it THAT MUCH.

…she certainly knows how to build suspense.

But I’ve been mulling over my homework: What do I look to get out of my relationships?

She also said that I personalize things a lot- life happening TO me. Instead of life just happening.

Personalizing sounds a lot like victim energy. Gross.

Then there was the part where my therapist told me I essentially stir my own pot. Aka, I make mountains out of mole hills/keep sitting in things instead of moving forward.

She isn’t wrong.

But I am VERY curious what she has to say. Even if I hate it. Because that’s what I’m paying her for, essentially.

Honesty. So I can get over my bullshit.

I’ve been focusing the past almost two weeks on not personalizing to the best of my knowledge. And to look at what IS actually true. To see that the curveballs life throws are simply life. Not the end of the world.


Slowly getting there?

There’s also been an emphasis on rest lately. Starting to follow the cycles of nature- fall is here. Winter follows suit. Both are seasons when the world sleeps.

So why not do as the natural world and use these quieter times to allow ourselves to slow down? Partake in some self care. Enjoy being in the present.

…or drink a lot of tea and hot cocoa while consuming that ever growing pile of books to read.

In a nice, hot bath. Or shower. Our upstairs bathroom doesn’t have a working tub yet.

Wait. I can’t read in the shower! No, that’s a lie. AUDIO BOOKS.

Whew. That was a close one. I thought I was going to have to reconfigure cold weather plans for a second.

One more for good luck

And with Jeff Goldblum for a third, and final time, I am going to send this post into the void.

I’ve missed you guys!

More posts to come.

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