Greetings From The Estate


Very few humans about. Nature all around. Beautiful views. A sunroom full of plants.

And I can see the moon from my bed when I go to sleep at night.

What I love most is the stillness. No sense of rushing to and fro. There is only calm here. An invitation to relax and enjoy the cycles of nature.

…and relearning how to live with it.

For instance, pack rats love to hang out in vehicles. And chew wires.

I’m a fan of taking preventative measures. Because I like avoid having my car break down.

So Sunday morning, after bringing the antique table in from the south porch he had to break into through the dining room window, Step-father helped me put rat-be-gone pouches under the hood of my car.

They aren’t poisonous- just smell good bags to help nudge the homeless rats to seek out more appropriate accommodations.

While on the topic of appropriate accommodations, guess who is learning that houses are for people and not for them? Spiders that aren’t jumping spiders. Ants. And moths.

Yes, I DO give them a speech about how they live outside as I carry them, in a jar, to the land of their people, where I release them and say, “Enjoy your new home, friend!”.

I’ve had to tell the back porch spiders that webs do not go over the door. Seems they’re listening. I noticed one of them made a web close to the backdoor but not over the part where humans walk in and out of.

I thought it was very polite. I appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Then there were the wasps constructing their own tiny house on my mailbox. Thankfully, the landlord took care of that situation. I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it without getting stung.

Of course, I very much love the deer that eat Step-father’s beans. It’s a very one sided relationship-I don’t think they appreciate me yelling, “HI DEER, I LOVE YOU” at them when I come up the drive and interrupt their snacking.

But that’s alright. I don’t hold it against them.

It’s still sinking in this is home. My home. But I am happy here, tucked away in this tiny pocket of earth where I am able to exist in peace.

Sister came out to help with the final move/settling in. Frankly, I don’t think I could have whipped this place into shape last minute without her. Not to mention her company, and Trevor’s, helped me shake off all the anxiety I’d been holding onto for weeks.

And they helped make my birthday the best I’ve ever had (and the rest of you guys, too!).

For a while now, I’ve had the goal to have a home that is not only my safe space, but one for the people who come here. I want to create a community house to bring everyone together.

And now it’s happening.

Granted, with COVID still very much a thing, I won’t be hosting potlucks or game nights anytime soon. However, I have friends starting to trickle over. And family.

Slowly, when things are better, I hope to pull all the people I love together. To celebrate and watch new friendships form. Create something better than I ever could have imagined.

I want to build and sustain a home where each of us feel loved, safe, and full of laughter. A time that all of us will look back on fondly.

But for now, I sit upstairs on my bed. No moon peaking out from the clouds yet. And I am grateful for all the people who helped make this dream happen- in both big and small ways.

I can say, without a doubt, that I now have it all. And I’m excited for what lies ahead.

More posts to come.

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