Vaginas Are Not For Making S’Mores

…I’m in rare form this morning. The tea has yet to take hold and we’ve already launched into discussing various vaginal procedures women are subjected to.

Before 9am. On a Friday. When my brain is barely functioning.

A recipe for gold.

One of my uterus bearing friends recently had a colposcopy. I’ve never undergone one of these- just a LEEP over 10 years ago.

Anyway, from what she said, they get up in there, do a little biopsy, AND SLAP SOME PEANUT BUTTER LOOKING GOOP ON YOUR CERVIX WHEN THEY FINISH.

I was intrigued.

And then she sent me a picture.

It’s true, though!

LEEPs cauterize your cervix as they cut out the affected area. Not fun. Not comfortable. And your vagina spends the next few days spitting out black chunks of charred cervix.

But having campfire crotch was worth it. It kept me from getting cancer and potentially dying before I turned thirty.

There’s so much I would have missed out on. Watching my son grow up. Friendships. Finding the love of my life. Growing. Learning. Healing.

Needless to say, I’m happy to be here. And curious to learn about more vaginal procedures I know nothing about.

More posts to come.

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Mother of spoods. Birb lunch lady.

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