Warm Hugs and Late Night Rambles

Lauren said my vibe is beautiful after I showed her a canary yellow wingback bed frame that I think I need in my life because it looks like a warm hug.

I don’t think anyone has said it that way before. It was a great compliment, especially since, well, I am a human with mental illness. I’m not always much fun to be around.

But as of now, I am someone who is currently full of delicious Mexican food.

I also can’t sleep, which isn’t abnormal this week. I blame Last Week Amber. She was ambitious-stayed up way too late over the weekend so Future Amber will feel it tomorrow.

I’m sorry, Future Amber. For the fourth day in a row.

…does anyone else feel a big chunk of their adult lives are spent wondering what you possibly could have eaten to make your stomach so cranky?

Because I do.

I am doing my best to accept my fate. Having cranky bowels at any given moment. It can make traveling feel like Russian Roulette.

A game I never wanted to play.

But here we are. Almost midnight on a Thursday. And I have worn myself out.

More posts to come.

Published by amberalice

Kansas Native. Knitter. Amateur photographer. Lover of love, plants, and great burritos.

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