A Small Beginning

Today, there is exciting local news:

I get to clean a few rooms at the farm…AND MOVE SOME THINGS OUT TO MY KITCHEN!

It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but please keep in mind I have lived with my father for almost EIGHT YEARS.

…a very, very long time. Did not anticipate it taking this long.

So progress like this is HUGE! There is still a good chunk of things to be done, though, such as:

  • Tile installed behind the stove
  • Appliances in their rightful places (although a refrigerator in the living room could be convenient when wanting snacks)
  • Dishwasher needing to be hooked up
  • Plumbing reinstalled in the downstairs bathroom
  • Some light painting
  • The upstairs bathroom needs tile and maybe some new flooring. Wait until I share the color of the original toilet, tub, and sink with you!
  • Closet doors reinstalled
  • Little Sister’s things relocated to what will be my office until she finds a great job where she will get to use that MA she worked so hard to earn
  • New light switch plates
  • And carpeting

After all of that is finished, I will assemble my cleaning team (Lou and Lauren) and THEN MY LIFE IS RELOCATING!

But today is a small beginning. Boston Drew and Lauren are coming to help me this afternoon. So not only do I FINALLY get to show more people this most magical home I am moving into, but I get to spend the day with two of my favorite humans.


The plan for this muddy, muddy day (after I get my oil changed in Emporia and buy mealworms for some sweet bebe girls), is to:

  • Haul boxes out
  • Energetically cleanse the house after showing off the house
  • Clean the sunroom so we can move some of Little Sister’s things into that room because it’s finished and requires no carpeting
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Sort through the kitchen treasures Drew has brought for me (he’s a travel nurse heading to England soon, so he can’t take things with him. Great for me. Expensive for him)
  • Organize all the kitchen things
  • Give more hugs

Oh! I also have to put my birdhouse up that Lou’s dad gave me. I bought a shepherd’s hook for it, and it’s my very first birdhouse, so this is special for lots of reasons.

It sounds like there’s a lot left to do before the big move; however, I know once things get going, it will happen quickly. But now that I’ll have the kitchen open for business, I can finish buying what I need for it.

Which may not be much because Drew has a whole container for me.

What I love most is for years, I have dreamt of having a two story home full of people I love. And now, I have it.

This is shaping up to be quite the community home.

Everyone has been incredible generous with offering to help move, clean, or whatever I need. And others have been generous in buying little things for my home or giving me things that we will need.

When I look at my bedroom, I am surrounded by love. Walls are full of pictures or gifts from friends and family. This move is expanding that.

The Teenager and I will be in a home surrounded by love. Every single room. Every person who will come and visit is going to bring that with them into our home.

And that’s what I want this house to be for everyone who stays with us- family and friends. A place where they are surrounded by safety and love.

This home is a reflection of the family I was born into, and the family I have chosen.

A reflection of the community of wonderful, wonderful humans I have known throughout my life. At some point, I will bring this community full circle with a gathering. And hope that new friendships will begin between them.

I am starting with today. Drew and Lauren. Merging my warm, funny, loud, and kind hearted college friend with my work friend, who is funny, kind hearted, insightful, and quiet.

They may not strike up a friendship, but I think we are all going to have a good time. Selfishly, I like that parts of my life are overlapping, merging and meeting.

Something very healing and comforting about it.

But friends, I have to leave you for now. It’s almost time for me to take off for that oil change, which calls for real pants, deodorant, and brushed teeth.

More posts to come.

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Kansas Native. Knitter. Amateur photographer. Lover of love, plants, and great burritos.

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