Yeah, I’ve kind of said that before. A LOT.


But something HAS landed in my lap!

I have been searching for a while for a sister for Erlene. I’m sure she will love to have my affection spread out a bit.

You’re welcome, my sweet, slightly neurotic, spider daughter.

Prior to earlier this week, I had TWO for sure-ish opportunities.

Number 1:

They will make beautiful P. regius soroa and P. otiosus babies!


I’m super excited but also know that things can happen, so there’s always the chance I may not get to adopt one of these sweet bebes.

I remain hopeful, though. And because baby spiders have to be a certain size to ship safely, this little one won’t be here for a few months.

He/she has to grow big and strong before they can come live with us 🙂


Number 2:

A while back, there was a spider mom who I commissioned to draw a portrait of sweet Erlene. We still talk on and offI enjoy her company.

She reached out to me a few weeks ago to ask if I would want one of the babies her recently deceased spider, Nala, left behind.

Nala (taken from spider mom’s IG)

OF COURSE I SAID YES! Why wouldn’t I? Not to mention I would LOVEEEEEE to have a regal bebe.

Now, when Nala laid eggs, her mom didn’t realize they were fertile (she bought her as an adult). Imagine her surprise, when cleaning out Nala’s home, she discovered the eggs were now tiny little slings.

And I mean tiny!

Smol, smol spood

She’s doing everything she can to keep all 9 alive (edit: there are 4 now). So there’s no guarantee I will be adopting one of her grandspiders, but I sure hope I get to!

It’s a big deal she asked. I mean, Spider Mom is entrusting one of her grandspoods to me. Not something to be taken lightly.

I did contact another breeder via IG a few days ago in hopes of adopting; however, they never responded back.

But let’s fast forward a few days to now. Friday. The 23rd.

As I was checking out my feed on Erelene’s IG account Monday afternoon, I saw that someone had posted they had regal and audax babies ready for homes.


I did not hesitate to send a DM. Because I never heard back from the one breeder.

And I have baby fever something fierce. Lots of love to give over here!

I was originally going to adopt one bebe girl. However, one became two because I’m greedy.


Due to weather, I asked them to be shipped Monday. Overnight in fact. Otherwise, they would be settling in now.

In a matter of days, I will be a spider mom of three. I ordered some new enclosures and another walnut hide, but until they arrive, my littlest girls can use Erlene’s old homes.

Which I need to clean up a little and get ready for their new inhabitants.

As you can imagine, I am very excited. But also nervous. I wonder what kind of personalities they have. Will they like to hang out with me, unlike their older sister, who still hates the feel of human skin and jumps off of it immediately?

Are they going to be curious? Dare devils? Crotchety little biddies?

…will I love them just as much as I love Erlene?

She will always be my first jumper. My original sweet girl. The spider who taught me that even one small, often overlooked creature can bring an incredible amount of joy.

Mom has always said she doesn’t love any of us kids more than the other. She loves us differently.

Sometimes I don’t think I quite believe her, but most of the time I do. Because she knows what she’s talking about.

And yes, even with these Texas spoods arriving Tuesday, I am still hoping to adopt a baby from the wait list. REALLY hoping to be able to care for one of Nala’s babies, too!

I mean, five spiders is completely manageable. AND I WILL DEFINITELY HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM WHEN WE MOVE HERE IN ABOUT A MONTH.

Plants and sweet little jumping spiders. What else could I possibly need?!

More posts to come.

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