Considering A Career In Transport

Last Thursday, I felt oddly compelled to go run errands that I could have taken care of Saturday.

Deciding it would be a good idea to get out of the house and handle my business, anddddddd obtain some Dt. Dr. Pepper while I was adulting, I made my way out the door.

The plan was simple: Wal-Mart for necessities, KFC for the man child and father, then Braum’s to pick up Grandma’s weekly kid’s meal.

Except I stopped at the lake first and left some birbseed for bebes. A necessary detour.

Everything went smoothly. I compromised and bought the baby sized Dt. Dr. Peppers to avoid plastic, ASIDE FROM THE STUPID PLASTIC RING I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT.

Anyway, I cracked that sweet little soda open, grateful for the caffeine that was rushing into my system. It was a full of feelings day. I needed this little boost.

Next was the KFC. And then to Braum’s.

Also, I would like it to be known I avoided the plant section at Wal-Mart because I knew I would end up bringing another rescue home.

I’m trying to keep my plant fever under control.

Braum’s had a little bit of a line. No big deal. It was around 6 so everyone was looking to pick up supper.

As I waited for my turn in the drive thru line, I received a text from my mom.

It said, “Celebrating 30th anniversary-sitting n the parking lot at the theater with the car broke down waiting for your sister to come get us. Interesting :)”.

I responded that I was in town (which was actually out of town for all of us) and asked if they wanted me to come pick them up.

I was in the parking lot 10 minutes later.

Usually, someone is coming to MY rescue. Particularly my mother. We have an ongoing joke that every 5 years, I’ll need her to come get me. Because every five years, for the past at least 10 years, she’s had to come save me.

When I reminded her of that, she laughed and said, “I guess it’s your turn to rescue me this time”.


No eating Chinese food or steak dinner in their dressy date clothes. Just a broken vehicle, a ride home from me, a Braum’s kid’s meal, and a bucket of KFC that I couldn’t share as a compensation anniversary dinner because it was everyone else’s supper.

Both of them tried to call my sister to tell her I had them and set up some sort of meeting point.

However, she wasn’t responding.

My step-father kept calling and texting my sister, who still wasn’t answering. He was very displeased.

Halfway home, we FINALLY spotted her. Not long after, she called Mom. Little Sister had her phone turned off. Didn’t even know her dad had been blowing her up until she pulled over to change her podcast.

We kept going and she turned around, meeting us at cattle pens to take the parents home so I could make my rounds.

Despite not having their anniversary dinner, they were in a pretty decent mood. Mom more so than her husband. Probably because she wasn’t the one who had to drive back over to pick up the car.

And because she won’t be installing the new drive shaft.

As they got out of my Yaris and into a much larger vehicle, I thanked them for the blog content.

Mom laughed. Because she knew it was going to end up here.

More posts to come.

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