This Is Probably Why They Keep Me On Meds

Sunday. March 14th, 2021.

The first time I’ve had all weekend to catch my breath and not sure what to do.

So here I am. Working it all out with you on ye ol’ WordPress.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a great weekend. So many hugs. Great company. Wonderful food.


My heart is happy. But my brain is struggling to wind down.

In the meantime, I will share these bits of most wonderfully fantastic news!

Friday, we had our work huddle. Like we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You could easily see the low morale resting on our faces because none of us made an attempt to hide our current stress levels.

But then there was the best surprise!

We knew HR (at least I think it was HR) had been reviewing salaries company wide to make sure what everyone is making is fair. They even went as far to look at our overall experience– not just the time we have worked for them.


…and my boss is sure they will go for it.

So I will be making more money. The timing couldn’t be better.

Life seems to be falling into place. Everything I wanted is here. And honestly, I don’t remember the last time life felt so good.

Also, my child has a mullet now.


You didn’t miss anything yesterday. Monday was a Monday and gave me a huge stress headache.

Today made up for the shit show.

So there was a bit of vertigo this morning. Made a doctor’s appointment. THEN MY SISTER CAME BY BECAUSE WE ARE BOTH VACCINATED!

She brought me a Dt. Dr. Pepper, some tea to try out, homemade bread (it didn’t survive the afternoon), and a fresh banana muffin from her small town’s bakery.

It was nice to be able to spend time with her. In the same room. And to be able to finally give her a hug.

Not long after she left, I put jeans on to head to the doctor.

Where I learned that my allergies, indeed, made all kinds of fluid and are messing up my ear crystals.

Yes, ear crystals. This is my favorite human body fact EVER!

We have teeny tiny ear crystals that remind me of fluorite.

Picture from

I never felt more like a forest witch than in that moment. It didn’t matter every human has them. I AM MAGICALLLLLLL!


But the real fun started after my appointment. One of my favorite humans was there. She gives the best hugs.

I miss her.

Anyways, I learned that my APRN has a garden full of poisonous plant, WENT TO THE POISON GARDEN IN LONDON, has a degree in botany, and told me seed bombs are a thing.

…I am absolutely going to the right provider.

The new nurse has chickens and will be getting bees soon. She is also a plant mom.

And the human I love to pieces was just sitting there, laughing at all of it. Especially when I mentioned I will be investing in a classy watercolor painting of a vulva.

Also, I may have demonstrated my crab gallop. Because that’s where I am in life right now.

Crab galloping at the doctor’s office in the t-shirt I’ve worn for two days in a row talking about vulvas. And saucy vaginas.

More posts to come.

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I’m not sure how to summarize myself properly (I struggle with simply being human). But let’s give it a try! Spiritual witchy hippie who dreams of three day weekends and human rights for all. Lunch lady to the neighborhood birbs (white breasted nut hatches are the best!). Adore my jumping spiders. Oh, there are also 50 or so plants we share our home with. And some rogue lady bugs. It’s always interesting to see where they show up. Like on toilet paper. This is where I add a heavy dash of queer, neurodivergency, and vegetarianism. Am big on hugs- I give them most generously.

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