Let’s Talk About the Dryer

“Want to see how much a new front door will cost?”, Dad asked, as he handed me a piece of paper.

“…we don’t even have the new dryer yet!” I replied. But I had to admit, the door on the paper I was looking at was pretty classy for this joint.

Three months ago, our dryer began to screech like a banshee.

Almost two months ago, Dad decided to start looking for a replacement. Nothing fancy or front loading- we keep it simple here.

Naturally, my father was not happy with the price of the dryers he found. He was also not happy to learn that dryer shortages were only one of many consumer side effects of COVID.

But after some calls and brief internet searching, he found a reasonably priced dryer in El Dorado. However, it wasn’t going to be delivered until the first of September.

The beginning of September rolled around roughly three weeks later.

Still no dryer, despite the fact Dad had moved all the food from the upright freezer to the chest freezer- where I stashed my birthday cookies because I knew my child wouldn’t find them there.

…now I had to hope they stayed buried under bags of Schwan’s meals and vegetables (they’ve remained safe and sound!).

Why did Dad move everything around?

Because in order to get the old dryer out and the new one in, the upright freezer will have to be moved first.

I swear, it’s like a game of Tetris around here sometimes.

So after a few more days passed and the new dryer hadn’t arrived, I asked Dad what was going on.

“He hasn’t gotten a hold of me yet. If he wants paid, he’ll call”.

…oh, Father.

Last week, still no dryer.

This is when Dad went to the lumberyard to get that quote on a new front door. I guess his money was burning a hole in his bibbies.

While we continued to wait on the new dryer, Dad decided to take a look at what was going on because he is awfully handy. He found the vent was full of lint- explaining one of the issues. But not the squealing.

Oddly enough, after he did whatever he did to it, the dryer hasn’t been squawking as much. A relief to all of our ears.

So Friday, after nearly three-ish months of ongoing screeching, Dad tells me he’s thinking at this point he’s going to put the new dryer on hold. The old one is working better now- he just needs it to keep trucking along for another few months.

And a new door, as well as a new dryer, is a huge chunk change.

Which I understand. Also, I’m not the one footing the bill.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not convinced the dryer isn’t going to combust. Or stop working when there is a giant load of clothes in it.

I am definitely expecting it to start screaming again once Dad gets the new door, though.

I swear, once COVID hit, everything started to break around here. Our microwave (RIP Betty White), the dryer, and now the front door (…to be fair, that’s been questionable for a while but I’m still counting it because Dad’s taking care of it this year).

But you know what?

We’ll have 18 bottles of ketchup and 12 bags of jalapeño chips this week, so I think that evens out the balance of the universe somehow.

More posts to come.

Published by amberalice

I’m not sure how to summarize myself properly (I struggle with simply being human). But let’s give it a try! Spiritual witchy hippie who dreams of three day weekends and human rights for all. Lunch lady to the neighborhood birbs (white breasted nut hatches are the best!). Adore my jumping spiders. Oh, there are also 50 or so plants we share our home with. And some rogue lady bugs. It’s always interesting to see where they show up. Like on toilet paper. This is where I add a heavy dash of queer, neurodivergency, and vegetarianism. Am big on hugs- I give them most generously.

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