Why is Hannibal Lecter Such a Big Fan of Fava Beans?

I have a burning question that has haunted me for days:

How did the nickname Chuck come from Charles?!

Did someone know a Charles centuries ag0 (did they have nicknames that far back?!) and he looked like a woodchuck so they started calling him Chuck; thus, creating a trend where all Charles are called Chuck?!

Is it because Chuck is way less formal than Charles and makes the man more approachable?

…do nicknames make us more approachable?!


I had planned to post something sooner than this, but these past few weeks, my life has been consumed with binge watching the series, Hannibal, followed by Indian Matchmaking.

But Hannibal also left me with questions.

Why didn’t someone produce a movie about Hannibal himself- all the murders he committed?! He’s a frightening and fascinating character due to his wit and breaking numerous social taboos. Is that why the series was created- because we don’t have a movie (to my knowledge) about the young Dr. Lecter?

I watched Silence of the Lambs again before starting the series. And after the series, I watched Red Dragon. I know the series altered a few things, so I was curious to see the more book accurate version of The Great Red Dragon’s story.

After consuming (ha!) both movies and the series, I began to compare how Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal vs Mads Mikkelsen.

Keep in mind I think both men did a superb job- they’re incredible actors.

Hopkins is terrifying. Cold. Ruthless. As Hannibal, you can feel, as you look at him, that he’s calculating, intelligent, and batshit crazy. Completely untrustworthy.

WOULD NOT WANT TO ENCOUNTER EVER- I have a fear of being eaten or maimed alive. Just saying.

Mikkelsen’s Hannibal is aloof. Analytical. Also cold. Mysterious. Very contained. You feel like you never see beyond the surface, even when he is with those he calls friends. I loved how he presents himself as this cultured and composed being, enjoying all the best things in life, but at the flip of the switch, he becomes a monster you didn’t see coming.

This is the Hannibal that would end up eating me, if I am to be honest. A poor decision on his part.

I loved how the two men play the same character but give him very different energies. Granted, one is playing Hannibal in captivity and has nothing to hide. The other is trying to keep from getting caught.

On a sidenote, I was amused how, while watching Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen’s mouth reminded me of my best friend, John’s mouth, and Hugh Dancy’s jaw/lower half of his face reminded me of my ex, Naythan.

Funny how the two main characters in a horror series reminded me of my exes.

What I also find amusing is how horror really isn’t my thing but I’ve been obsessed with this series and the movies.

Except the movie, Hannibal. I watched it years ago and I cannot watch it again. That brain scene. No. Absolutely not.

I have also been obsessed with Indian Matchmaking. I love love. And have always been drawn to Indian culture.

So of course I was going to watch it!

I’m ready for another season- that’s all I am going to say because I refuse to provide spoilers.

Not sure what this weekend is going to bring. The teenager is home for the weekend- he loves horror movies so I relented and watched one with him last night.

I then proceeded to have a nightmare.

It’s looking like he’s going to end up living here a little bit longer before moving to his dad’s, which is okay and may be better in the long run. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t enjoyed having a break (after getting through some rough patches), but it’ll be nice to have him back here for a while.

I loved how, when I picked him up and we were headed out of the city, he had me go by the high school and college he’d be attending. I was impressed. Not just because both of them have fountains, though it certainly helped.

I’m such a water baby, even at almost 38.

It’s time to wrap this up to do dishes. Or something. I haven’t decided yet, other than it won’t be another horror movie.

More posts to come.

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